May 26, 2009

VM Security in vSphere - Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)

Over the weekend, I had a chance to test out the directives for locking down the virtual machine security issues discussed in Hardening the VMX File with vSphere / ESX 4.0. Unfortunately, all of the security issues are still present in the GA release of vSphere, including non-privileged users having the ability to disconnect virtual NICs and change the time synchronization behavior.

I can't imagine why this situation still persists through version 4.0 of VMware's enterprise virtualization platform. Are there customers who prefer non-privileged user accounts retain this ability? And if so, couldn't we disable this functionality by default, and require .vmx directives to enable it?

Yes, it is easy to change the default settings, and any sysadmin worth his or her salary will make the changes and audit their environment for compliance. That's a tired argument, however, and better "out of the box" security should be a goal for any product. Anybody remember Windows 2000?

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